Another Day In Paradise 3

Since touching down in Hawai’i, it was a constant request to session Wallows, the ditch made famous in The Search For Animal Chin back in the 80s. With tales of it being too wet and too rough, it was uncertain if we’d make it. Eventually the locals granted our wish and took us there. It was epic--so long and so fast. Those transfers that Tommy Guerrero and Lance Mountain did so effortlessly twenty years ago are still very gnarly. We got choked up thinking of the timeless sessions that went down on that hallowed ground. Surely Dave Duncan and Christian Hosoi sess slided down that ditch with the Pacific on the horizon, smacked high fives, and went and got a plate lunch. A few guys in our crew even wept with emotion--hell, I’m not afraid to admit I was one of them.

Later that evening, Natural Koncept owner Sean Starn took us out to an amazing Japanese dinner, then to Femme Nu, one of the island’s best strip clubs. Ever had a stack of 200 singles in your hand and just threw them on bodies like you were cleaning trash out of your car? It’s a great feeling. It was said before by Chris Nieratko in Big Brother, but it bears repeating: all you kids out there wondering who to send your sponsor-me tapes to, I urge you to look up Natural Koncept’s address.

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