Anthony Pappalardo Online Payday

We’ve really done it this time–we got an Anthony Pappalardo Payday that you can only win right here on We’re big fans of Popps (sh-t, who isn’t?), and the good people at Elwood and Chocolate are hooking it up. Yes, that Chocolate/Fully Flared board is AUTOGRAPHED! The Elwood pants, flannel, and T are all from the new Pappalardo collection, and that sh-t is buttery! And of course we’re throwing in the DVD of the year, Fully Flared (Yeah, we know Popps ain’t on Lakai anymore, but his part will always be epic). And, we have TWO of the aformentioned gift packs to give away!
Here’s what you gotta do to win: Email us in 50 words or less why you like Pappalardo and why you want his gear. It’s that easy.

Email Make sure to include your address! Deadline is Wednesday, April 9. Good luck!

And congratulations to the winner of the Speed Demons trucks giveaway, Steve Climer from Anaheim, California. You’re going to be slashing and grinding on some new trucks buddy.