CONS threw Anthony Pappalardo his release party for his pro model shoe in New York City last night. The event was held at the quaint Italian restaurant Arturo’s in Manhattan’s Greewich Village. The place got packed quick as everyone filled up on delicious Italian cuisine (Caprese salad, meatballs, risotto balls, pasta) and wine and Peroni from the open bar. Anthony’s different colorways were on display among the restaurant’s historic photos and paintings on the walls. His (Product) RED colorway is going to be a hot one for sure. The TV screen was showing William Strobeck‘s epic Virgin White video featuring classic footage of Pops throughout the years (hopefully it will be up on YouTube or Bill’s site soon!). Anthony’s family made the trek in from Long Island and of course New York City’s skateboarding population from past and present were there as well. Scroll on down to see the goods.

Photos by Blair Alley and Josh Brooks.


New York has been a Winter Wonerland lately. Here’s Ludlow street in the Lower East Side, right near the Hotel Rivington where CONS put us up (Photo/Caption: Blair).


The Lower East Side from 17 stories up (Photo/caption: Blair).


The first bar we ducked into, and who’s bartending? Our old friend Jon Newport! (Photo/caption: Blair).


Happy to be in NYC we met up with CONS’ Steve Luther and Angel Ramirez for a little New York pizza (photo/caption: Blair).


Then it was on to the Godfather-esque ambiance of Arturo’s for the main event (Photo/caption: Blair).


Full Pappalardo-razzi (Photo/caption: Blair).


Popps and Steve Luther (Photo/caption: Blair).


Mom Pops, Pops and Auntie Pops…the whole crew—Pappalardo family, friends and Pops’ girlfriend—were in attendance (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).


A jazz band played for the occasion (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).


The three newbies and the man of the hour—Eli, Pops, Angel and Kenny—celebrate the first pro Converse shoe since the new Cons started. Keep an eye out, ’cause Kenny could be next…sooner than you think, probably (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).


Anthony got a place on the wall for the night (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).


Don’t know who this guy is, but he’s on the wall, too (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).


Not only is Pops’ new shoe awesome in and of itself, but it’s a (PRODUCT) RED partnership. (RED)’s primary objective is to engage the private sector in raising awareness and funds for the Global Fund, to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. So, if you buy a pair, you get nice shoes and you help people suffering from AIDS—win-win (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).


One of my favorite East Coasters when I was younger, Robbie Gangemi, hams it up with Eli Reed and a friend. These guys are two of Boston’s greats and, for those of you who might not know, Eli stayed loyal to Gangemi and his board company, Vehicle, for a long time before he went to Zoo York (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).


There was crazy bric-a-brac all over the bar. Among it all, was this old poster on how to perform the Heimlich maneuver, which I found funny for some reason…maybe for the level of artistic design involved (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).


Cons brand manager Steve Luther and Eli Reed celebrate good news with the ol’ pour-a-beer-on-the-head move (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).




Long Island, baby! Told you…all the family members from the Island made it out (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).


Chocolate bros Kenny and Pappalardo now share a shoe sponsor as well. Feels right having Kenny back on Cons (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).


NY legend, Quim Cardona (right) and Cowtown owner, Trent Martin (left)—from different sides of the country—kick it out in the cold of NY to celebrate Pops’ shoe release (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).


Now officially on Converse Skateboarding, Angel Ramirez donned the science lab/woodshop glasses of the Cons TM, Dave Hoang. I’m hoping to make this a photo series from now on… (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).


…so I got new re-recruit (see here), Kenny Anderson to put them on, much to the chagrin, apparently, of the guy behind him (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).


Caprese salad and the Pappalardo shoe. You’ve seen it on the Internet and now it’ll be out presto to put on your feet…the shoes that is, not the salad (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).


R.B. Umali of State of Mind and Mixtape fame was loving the food (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).


These guys go way back. Bill Strobeck edited together a video of the different stages of Pops from the Alien Workshop days in Philly to Fully Flared just for the shoe release. It’s crazy how long these guys have been skate-film homies (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).


A screenshot of Bill Strobeck’s Pappalardo montage. Hopefully you’ll see it soon on the Cons website or somewhere else. It’s an amazing reminder of how damn good Pops has been over the years (photo/caption: Josh Brooks).


The window display out front. Classic Italian art—and Popps’ shoe (photo/caption: Blair).


Music, food, friends, family, good times…a skate favorite like Pops getting a new shoe—the whole affair was amazing. The food at Arturo’s was delicious. Even Nick liked it…Congrats Pops (photo/caption: Brooks).