Immediately after announcing his addition to the pro ranks and the World Industries team, World TM Charlie Thomas caught up with Anthony Shetler to grill him on a few hot topics. Read on and peep his exclusive intro video here.

Photos by Cronan

How does it feel to be a professional skateboarder?

It feels amazing, definitely a dream come true. The thing is, coming up where I came up this type of thing doesn’t happen every day, turning pro means a lot to me, but it also means a lot to my friends and family. Just to know that you can grow up like I did and still chase a dream and make it come true. A lot of the people that grew up like I did have to deal with some serious real life issues that were passed on to them, so they don’t really get the chance to dream, my first pro model is for you guys. I love you!


I heard your first graphic was inspired by Tupac, any truth to that?

Yeah, I got this tattoo on my side, it’s a rose growing through concrete. The artist at World has been working on a graphic of it for my first board—it’s looking amazing. It’s from a Tupac poem, it’s just something that represents me, my friends and family, and anyone that understands that life is a beautiful struggle.

How does it feel making the move to World?

It feels rad to be a part of a company that has been in business for 20 plus years, plus World helped start out all this raw street skating. Just check their old videos with Chico, Shiloh, and Kareem. I grew up watching these guys shred.


World has a pretty serious history behind it between its team over the years, the infamous park, and of course the graphics. It’s always been a company to stir sh-t up, what do you plan on bringing to the table?

It’s a pretty big legacy to live up to man, but I just want to bring back some of that raw street skating man. Just like the New World Order days!

What was it like leaving Zoo York? Was it good terms?

Yeah it was on good terms. Seamus (Zoo York team manager) is a good friend of mine and he totally understood my decision. I just called him up, told him my decision, and he’s been helping me make the switch over to World. Thank you, Seamus.

Anthony Shetler, World Industries, Zoo York


What would you say to some of the people that might hate on World and you skating for them?

I’d say you’re wasting your time hating, because I really want to help make World epic. We’re just working on sick graphics and building up a sick team. I feel like I got purpose and I do this for the people that love me, so you can either like it or love it.