ASR, Osiris’ Private Reserve Launch, and Ed Templeton’s Camp, Ride, Skate, Repeat Show

ASR is always a circus, but if you weed through the B.S. there’s some gems to be found. The Keep A Breast project was in progress and it was really cool to see all the artists collaborating and painting in person. Osiris threw a party to celebrate the launch of their Private Reserve collection and everyone in attendance walked away with their own set of silk robe, pants, and slippers. Not bad.

Upstairs in the Emerica showroom there was a full art show of Ed Templeton’s photos from the Wild Ride. They were amazing. Jon Minor edited a little video of his footage from the tour that showed as well. The Bishop Don Magic Juan was in attendance rocking his Emerica pro model, sipping out of his pimp cup, and posing for photos. Who says you can’t have a great time at the tradeshow?

Check the slideshow to the left for all the photos.