ASR Photos: Girls, Parties, Cash, America!

ASR came and went once again without much hubbub. There was a mini ramp contest that the SPoT guys hosted. Andrew Langi ripped it and had some cash on hand at the Alphanumeric party that was held at Confidential. hosted the most fun event of the weekend—the Office Boyz contest for all us desk jockeys. Mike Fitz from TransWorld, Adam Sullivan from Fuel, Bama from Black Box, John Short from Volcom, and many more ripped it up and had fun. TWS actually won Best Team Spirit and a nice trophy. Since parties were few and far between, many of us descended on the TW Surf party at Bondi Bar where online editor Justin Cote and Miss TransWorld Surf, Heather Rose, were buying the drinks. Friday night, New Era invited us to its VIP suite at Petco Park to watch the Padre game. Free brew and food was provided and a few of us were lucky enough to catch foul balls.