ASR Randomness

DVS outdid themselves yet again with their beer garden. This time they did a Hooters-themed rip off they called Scooters. I think Chris Casey was actually “Scooter” as he was roamind around with a wig on and a megaphone cracking jokes all weekend. JZ from Natural Koncept was handing out advance copies of their new video to the lucky folks in the beer garden. Paul Sharpe was seen excited to get one. The Lord Of The Lines comp went down again thanks to Matix. The video is attached with photos coming soon. The new Hard Rock hotel seemed to be the hot spot to stay, eat (Nobu), and drink as it is conveniently located across the street from the convention center. There were parties galore as expected, but when the Hard Rock bar is in your lobby, it’s really hard to motivate to go anywhere else. Oh yeah, the weather sucked so that’s another reason to be a lazy partier, if there’s such a thing. What else you wanna know? Some people love ASR and make a pilgrimage to SD twice a year to attend. Some people hate it, but you’ll always end up having a few brewskies with good friends. So check that slideshow and see who we saw.