ASR September 2007, Day One

After a long weekend in San Diego, memories of the tradeshow are hazy, so let’s do a little recap. No less than six booths had Guitar Hero games going for that mid-tradeshow-walk stress reliever. DVS’ beer garden was titled Bro Back Mountain and had a mechanical bull in it. There were girls everywhere if you haven’t seen this slideshow yet. The DVS photographers series party was amazing with free drinks, free limited-edition T-shirts and a rad coffee table book. TWS’ own Skin Phillips had the best photos on display and has the best shoe in the collection—and I’m not just saying that! And would you believe most skaters ended up at a surfer party later? That’s right. TransWorld SURF premiered its first ever video on the pool-sporting roof of the swanky Solamar hotel and it was a mix of skaters, surfers, and even freestyle rhyming champ Supernatural was there. After all the parties wound down, like clockwork, everyone showed up at the Westin bar and closed that bitch down. Check the slideshow for all the photos.