ASR September 2007, Day Two

Well the big highlight today was the éS Game Of SKATE. éS did a good thing this year by making it invite only. The crowd got to see top level pros going head to head instead of random Johnny. They also had the games broadcast on a big movie screen. You can check the footage in the video section to see how it all went, but basically the Mike-Mo/Javier Sarmiento match up was the battle of the day. Congrats to Chris Cole for winning the whole damn thing—well deserved. Little Nyjah’s flatground is serious!

Immediately after the game, the new éS video éSpecial showed. It was great, I’m not going to spoil anything. And they were even giving out free copies right after.

‘Round 9 p.m. we hit up the Element Darrell Stanton shoe release party at Bar Basic. Free pizza and drink tickets were in the mix as were a funky photobooth, good music, and a T-shirt screening station. Good sh-t. Before long we had to hit up the Sk8mafia/Wu Tang party to make sure we got in before it hit capacity.

The Sk8mafia party was off the charts. The VIP was packed with homeys and ladies, even Stevie Williams was up in there. GZA and Raekwon took the stage after Supernatural warmed up the crowd. Felix Arguelles remained on stage throughout the performance as well. Rae and his homeys, decked out in Chargers gear, took the party late into the evening until the club’s staff had to kick us all out. Then, sure enough, the Sk8mafia hotel room hosted the afterparty that raged until sunup. Another ASR weekend in the books.

Check the slideshow for all the flicks!