ASR September 2008 is in full swing, so you know what that means: Skank Party!!! Just joshing girls, well most of you anyway. Here’s what the non-skate area looks like, plus some manly men for the complainers out there.

Photos: Carleton Curtis

People love to talk sh-t about ASR and how lame it is, but I see it like this: When it’s my job to see some great friends that I don’t get to see too often, and all the food and drinks are free, it ain’t a bad thing. So here’s what I did and who I saw on the first night of the madness. More to come all weekend.

Photos: Blair Alley

Friday at ASR, Grind For Life held a high ollie contest. Little Aldrin Garcia came up a few inches short of the world record but still pulled through with a 40 inch ollie, the highest ollie of the day, and $1,500 cash. Runners up included Kien “The Donger” Lieu, Luis Tolentino, and Darren Harper.

Aldrin Garcia high ollie

Aldrin Garcia high ollie

Video by: Ryan Lovell