ASR Wrap-up

You’re probably thinking, “Another year, another tradeshow, so what.” Well, you’d be half right. But amid all the gimmicky new products, industry bros, and corporate kooks, there was a handful of fun things going on we’ll fill you in on.

Turtledega Nights

DVS always sponsors the beer garden, and God bless them for that. This year, however, they really outdid themselves with Turtledega Nights. The beer garden was divided into different cheering sections and they had a bunch of turtles they would put in the center of a mat, release them, and the first turtle that ran outside of the ring on the edge of the mat won. Now, if you were sitting in that turtle’s cheering section, that meant drink tickets. The turtle’s had insane names, too, like El Diablo and Oozy Boozy.

Supra/KR3W Party

Supra and KR3W threw one of the most anticipated parties of the weekend at a club in downtown San Diego called Aubergine. Chad Muska and Steve Aoki DJed while Jim Greco and his band The Fuck-O’s played a set. The club was huge, everyone was there, and Jake Brown and Danny Scher are certified dancing machines. How Danny and fellow minor Anthony Schultz got it is still a mystery. You need to check the slideshow to really grasp the madness of it all.

Lord Of The Lines

Matix threw the compulsory skate contest of the tradeshow, this one called Lord Of The Lines. I gotta hand it to Matix TM Tony E., this contest was a rad idea and brought out some big names that ripped. The contest course consisted of a manny pad, two flat bars, and finally an up-ledge. Skaters had to do a three trick line to be scored, and they competed in 10 minute jam sessions with only four skaters. It was amazing to see Dennis Busenitz going mach 10 and Ronnie Creager’s wizardry in person. Nate Sherwood was even in the mix and put down some damn impressive pressure flip-heavy lines. In the end, Ronnie Creager was awarded first and given 10 Gs. I remember one of his lines was a switch flip to switch nose manual, then a switch back lip on the flat bar, then a switch manual to switch heelflip out up the up-ledge. Joey Brezinski got a well-deserved second with insane lines. Check the attached video!

Foundation Premiere

Friday night was the highly anticipated premiere of Foundation’s new vid, Cataclysmic Abyss. I don’t know where to begin describing this night. The video premiered in a legit Pacific Theaters movie theater in downtown San Diego. Imagine it packed with skaters, everyone smoking and drinking whatever they pleased with no security anywhere. Then add in Lizard King smashing his board against the theater wall and climbing over aisles of seats full of people to see his friends—and you have some sort of idea of the chaos. The video itself was another F classic. Everyone had full-length parts and the music was great. It was awesome to see an Ethan Fowler part, Duffel straight killed everything, The Nuge is better than ever, and flow kid David Reyes ought to be on F and C1RCA official soon. Sorry, no spoilers.