AST Dew Tour: Right Guard Open Vert Prelims


Friday June, 20

After getting rained out Thursday night, the Dew Tour rescheduled the vert prelims to go down today right before the skatepark finals. And only one day after it seemed like the floods were coming, the skies were crystal clear—a prefect setting for a day on the vert ramp.

Since winning the last Dew Tour stop in Baltimore, everyone expected, as they usually do, for Shaun White to qualify at the top. Well, he did. But not as close to the top as Bucky Lasek did. Bucky beat him out by a little more than six points even though they both had flawless runs. It’s gonna be interesting on Saturday during the finals. I have a feeling somebody’s gonna unleash something we haven’t seen in vert skating yet. Stay tuned.

1. Bucky Lasek
2. Shaun White
3. Danny Mayer
4. Andy MacDonald
5. Bob Burnquist
6. Rune Glifberg
7. PLG
8. Mathias Ringstrom
9. Rob Lorifice
10. Lincoln Ueda
11. Jake Brown
12. Anthony Furlong