AST Dew Tour: Right Guard Open


Whoever said Cleveland rocks, must have never got caught in one of their rainstorms. They come outta nowhere, too. One minute, you’re filming a contest and watching Ryan Sheckler pull off the craziest sh-t on a section of the course that was built for BMXers, and the next thing you know, you’re in the middle of a monsoon. So, I guess Cleveland rocks if you’re a meteorologist or something. Or Drew Carrey.

Anyway, Cleveland’s stop number two on the Dew Tour. The skatepark prelims kicked off the first day of the weekend and pretty much finished up before the rains came. But the final results haven’t come in yet, ’cause Carlos De Andrade still needs to take his final run to see if he finishes in the top 12 and moves on to the finals. Sounds like he’s gonna drop-in once right before the finals start, so we won’t find out who qualifies ’til then.

Everything on the course is huge, but there’s a real diverse mix of skaters here. There’s the obvious—Sheckler, P-Rod, and Jereme Rogers—but then there’s dudes like Mike Peterson, Kyle Berard, The Breeze, Billy Rohan, and a bunch of other heads. Surprisingly, everyone killed the course. And there’s this mini-mega ramp thing with a mega-Euro gap thing that some really insane things went down on. Check the video!