AST Dew Tour: Toyota Challenge Park Finals


SALT LAKE CITY, SEPTEMBER 23—Salt Lake City was all about Ryan Sheckler—not that any other Dew Tour stop wasn’t, but Sheckler pretty much took over Salt Lake, if not all of Utah, if not all of televised skateboarding. If winning first place here wasn’t good enough, the 17-year-old clinched the entire Dew Cup making him the Dewtastic champion for the third year in a row.

With the finals being rescheduled to early Sunday morning, there wasn’t the near-riot crowd there was the day before when the comp was rained out. But still, those stands were packed, the girls were screaming, and MTV was eating it up—of course. If Salt Lake left me with one thing, it was this (besides the fact that it’s not a good idea to eat pink chicken if you don’t want to puke on a plane ride home): Sheckler is on a whole new level of celebrity status. It’s like Beatle Mania when he’s around, and he still seems to rip and up his skating at every stop. Oh yeah, and for the record, Rodolfo Ramos placed second in Salt Lake and Rodil Araujo Jr. placed third, but I don’t think anybody even noticed. Did you know even Sheckler’s brothers are signing autographs now?

I had to catch an early flight back to San Diego for magazine duties (and the pink chicken I ate also had something to do with it), so I missed the vert finals. And I was bummed that I did. ‘Cause PLG won. Meaning somebody else didn’t. Nice work PLG. Can’t wait for your part in Feed The Need.


1. Ryan Sheckler
2. Rodolfo Ramos
3. Rodil Araujo Jr.
4. Tulio de Oliviera
5. Danilo Do Rosario
6. Austen Seaholm
7. Frabrizio Santos
8. Chad Fernandez
9. Greg Lutzka
10. Mathieu Therres

1. PLG
2. Bucky Lasek
3. Shaun White
4. Andy Macdonald
5. Bob Burnquist
6. Buster Halterman
7. Rune Glifberg
8. Jean Prostec
9. Anthony Furlong
10. Chris Gentry