AST Dew Tour: Toyota Challenge Vert and Park Prelims


Story by guest writer Erik Bragg

SALT LAKE CITY, SEPTEMBER 20—Charging through pseudo Samurais yielding Slim Jim swords and teenage girls hopped up on Mountain Dew, we eventually made it to the vert ramp. It was a get up, get up and get down session at the EnergySolutions Arena in Salt Lake City and all your favorite vert pros were flyin’ high. Bob Burnquist was throwing around some one-footed back Smiths and Shaun White was stomping 540s all day.

In the end it was PLG who qualified first, a full two points over the second place Buster Halterman. Andy Mac, Bucky, and The Flying Tomato rounded off the top five. Rune Glifberg was giving out hammers and Chris Gentry made it into the finals by the hair of his chinny-chin-chin.

The vert prelims were done and it was time to mash to the park. Jereme Rogers and Paul Rodriguez ripped like robots during practice, but couldn’t lock it up during their runs. Rodolfo Ramos had more pop than a Hungarian nightmare and Austen Seaholm got his special meter up with a pocket-full of 32 trick combos.

There were some new faces over in the park. Apparently, Mathieu Therres was a local contestant in Baltimore and made it all the way into the finals back in June. He’s been on the tour ever since and even qualified sixth in the prelims. I hope he wins.

But the epic battle that’s blowing up the tabloids was between Ryan Sheckler and Greg Lutzka. Lutzka’s runs were steezy and packed full of sick tricks, but it wasn’t enough to impress the judges. The Sheckler show continued as Ryan threw down a perfect run during his first heat. With first place qualifier in the bag, his second run was just for poops and giggles. The stands were packed full of “I Love Ryan” signs, his MTV crew was all geared up, and Ryan made the guys laugh and the ladies scream with a huge backflip Indy out the quarterpipe.

Oh yeah, Red Bull had little hotel party Thursday night, and I got to play Guitar Hero III. I beat Opps I Dew’d It Again on double expert with a cold one in my hand. So shove that in your Xbox and strum it… dork. Go skate. Wait! Look at Ben’s slideshow. Then skate. Dork.—Erik T. Bragg


1. Ryan Sheckler
2. Greg Lutzka
3. Austen Seaholm
4. Rodil Araujo Jr.
5. Ramos Rodolfo
6. Mathieu Therres
7. Pete Eldridge
8. Danlio do Rosario
9. Chris Cudlipp
10. Chad Fernandez
11. Tulio de Oliviera
12. Fabrizio Santos

1. PLG
2. Buster Halsterman
3. Andy Macdonald
4. Bucky Lasek
5. Shaun White
6. Bob Burnquist
7. Rune Glifberg
8. Jean Postec
9. Anthony Furlong
10. Chris Gentry


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