AST Dew Tour, Vans Invitational Street Finals

Ryan Sheckler was in the lead by a huge margin and it looked like a gimme, but the five-minute jam sessions are what shifted the scores. After the two one-minute runs, Sheckler looked like he had it in the bag. However, to round out the contest, the course was split in half and there were two five-minute jam sessions on both sides of the course with the top six finalists. Greg Lutzka went off landing tons of tricks including a massive frontside flip across the hip that had only previously been kickflipped by Ryan Sheckler. Sheckler had bad luck in the jam sessions missing a lot of tricks and taking some serious slams. When the dust settled, Greg took first, Sheckler took second, and Fabrizio Santos took third. This is the first stop on this year’s Dew Tour that Sheckler didn’t win. Check the slideshow for all the flicks. Afterward, Ryan was swarmed with cameras and boom mics filming for his MTV show and most of us visitors headed on over to Burnside for some non-extreme skating and chilling out. You can read more here.