AZ with Mada and Friends

For the weekend of the Phoenix Am, Mada rented a couple of SUVs and took the whole team out for five days to skate and rack up the footy and flicks. Joe Picciolo handled the Dodge with Jimmy Astleford, Boosh, Jacob Walder, James Brockman, and myself, while TM Raul drove the Tahoe with Scott Kane, Kevin Romar, Jason Jones, and Charlie Castelluzo. We stayed in a luxury hotel in the heart of Tempe where college trim from local school ASU abounds. Tempe’s skatepark (as well as just about every skatepark in the Phoenix area) was amazing, free of charge and padless. The parks are lit up until about 10 PM so it was nice to skate around at night and see all our friends that were also in town for the contest. I predict a lot of good kids coming out of Arizona in the next few years due to the abundance of free parks and tons of street spots.

Us over-21-year-olds hit the town everynight while the underage roats were left to fend for themselves in their hotel rooms with pizza, soda, and internet porn. When we’d get home from the bars, they’d invade our rooms, taking advantage of our drunken state to plunder our mini fridge for any remaining beers and check their MySpace on our laptops since we had wireless web access.

The weather was amazing and we made the best of the time and did our jobs getting filming and photos taken care of. The ride back was no picnic, it never is, but major shoutouts are due to Mada and the city of Phoenix for its endless skatespots and parks. As long as the weather is managable, that place is a for real skate oasis.—Blair Alley

As usual, check out the career-damaging party photos in the slideshow.