Back In The Day – Rodney Mullen

Words by Mackenzie Eisenhour

Overstatement is pretty much null and void on this one. Rodney invented every ingredient modern flatground skateboarding could cook up and threw in the kitchen sink with a handstand and a casper slide for good measure. He also did most of that after pretty much obliterating his former practice of freestyle skating, which all but died out with the dawn of the 90s. As legend has it, Rodney only lost once (meaning, took home second) during his decade-long stranglehold on the freestyle contest circuit. And he attributes that loss to the flu. Since then, with a little push from Steve Rocco and the coaching of late Plan B founder Mike Ternasky, Rodney has continued unabated to explore and attempt to realize each and every possible way on God’s green earth a skateboard can be flipped, spun, slid, or balanced. At the end of the day, all we can really marvel at is that out of the 53 skateboarding tricks listed below, from the most basic to the most obscure, not one is named after its creator, Rodney Mullen-a humble genius indeed.

*Due to the infinite variations, unknown freestyle tricks, and sheer quantity of creativity Rodney possesses, it’s pretty safe to say this list is far from being his complete resume. This chart also omits ledge combos (e.g., front crooks to nollie backside pressure flips) along with the near insane collection of manual combos Rodney has performed of late.