Baker x Zumiez Couch Tour – Tulare, CA Photos

Tulare, California

Best Foot Forward

Open qualifiers proving their point!

    Brand new for this year’s BFF is the open qualifier round just before the invite-only round. It’s a great way for guys that we missed to make sure we knew that we blew it by not inviting them. They skate an extra jam session in the intense heat with a little chip on their shoulder. Once the top skaters move into the invite round, they are already tired. From there, they have the opportunity to skate in the Finals right after the Pro demo. That’s a lot of skating!
    Bryan Choulamany made sure we would never forget him by winning the Tulare stop of the Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest Series presented by Boost Mobile, and doing it from the open qualifier round. He killed the whole street course but especially the handrail, with front feeble, back lip, bluntslide, krook back lip, kickflip front board and backtail fakie. See you in Minnesota, Bryan. Second went to Jeff Bohuslavslay with nollie noseslide, backtail, and nollie frontboard on the rail and nollie krooks down the hubba. Third went to Caleb Sherrod with all around skills on tranny, ledges and the rail.

Zumiez Couch Tour

Baker crew showed their signature tricks.

    Andrew Reynolds and Erik Ellington showed up early and eager to skate the demo, but had to sit back and watch the invite sessions of BFF first. They liked what they saw. The New Era Originator of the Day went to Christian Hernandez when he landed a tre flip to lip slide down the handrail. Christian gets one years worth of New Era gear.
    Back to the Baker crew, they killed the demo with all of their signature tricks. Bryan Herman with his hardflip to flat over the gap and Erik Ellington landed his big spin front board and kickflip front board fakie down the rail. Andrew Reynolds, a day after his birthday, gave everyone the gift of his perfect frontside flips. He did them over the gap to flat and over the handrail. He also did a perfect kickflip noseslide down the rail and kickflip shifty over the gap. Jeff Lenoce, Jim Greco, Antwuan Dixon, Theotis Beasley, Pat Pasquale and Ramy Issa kicked it and signed for the fans too.
    Year Long Disaster and Alkaline Trio rocked the crowd enough to make them forget how hot it was out there.

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