Bam…The Leftover Litterbox Letters

I’ve been reminded on a daily basis that we have gizallionbigabytes of room available on the server. So why not put the leftover litterbox questions you asked Bam on our website? Great thinking Shad, you deserve a raise!


Bam, are your parents proud of you? And what do you see yourself doing in a few years when your body is too broken to skate? And are you single?¿Heidi

My parents have always been very supportive even though I punch my friends in the face while their sleeping and encourage my brother to lay on the roof of a car going 100mph. If my body was too broken to skate you can always still film, edit, and act so I’m not too worried about that although it would really suck if I couldn’t skate anymore. And about the girlfriend thing, I was girlfriendless for 6 months, but now I’m taken. – Bam


Dear Bam, I was wondering why you are so mean to your Dad. If I was hitting my dad all the time with Newspapers he’d probably end up kicking me out of the house, and I’d have to live in a tree. Peace to all my peeps in Tree Down Mung Mafia. ¿via e-mail

I consider my dad more like one of my friends than a dad. I think he can still take me right now so I have to watch out for the moment. But I’m going to go into training soon so I can rough him up real bad. – Bam


Bam, What’s it like trying to further your skateboarding career on the East coast as opposed to moving out to CA, where the bulk of the industry is located?¿Steve McIntyre, Claremont, CA

It’s not so bad actually. Kerry Getz, Tim O’Connor, Hoof Bite and Josh Kalis are there to skate with so the sessions are always good. Then I shoot photos with the gill (Ryan Gee) and he will next day air them to TransWorld. – Bam