Battle Of The Shops 2007

Here we go again. You should know by now how this works. There’s four obstacles: double set, tech center, tranny, handrail. Each shop puts together a team of one dude per obstacle and they shred for 30 minutes on each deal. It really is one of the more fun contest to watch and the vibe is always good. Wanna know what happened on the double set and tech center? Read what Ryan Clements wrote. He rips. My boy Ben Skrzypek got second on the tech center. He’s from Maine and he rips.

I showed up just in time for the tranny obstacle, got a nice seat on top of the Adio bus, someone threw me a frosty Tecate and I got to snappin’. The jams are seriously nuts--these shops kids are hungry! Josh Mattson from Santa Cruz won the tranny. He’s real good, I remember him from the Tim Brauch contest a couple years ago.

Last came the most anticipated obstacle of the day--the handrail. Former winner Marquis Preston was handling gnarly stuff as was Chris Troy--always a contender. But no one could fade Wes Kremer. Switch frontside lipslide, switch frontside nosegrind, switch frontside nosebluntslide, and switch kickflip to switch boardslide all in a half hour. Sk8mafia, kids.

So the overall winner was ZJ, they got 5 Gs, second place was Pharmacy, and Val Surf came in third. Cheers to Automatic for knowing how to put on a fun contest.