Battle Of The Shops Sequences


Kickflip frontside grind. Photos: Aaron Smith


Justin Cefei, switch nose manual fakie flip.


Justin Schulte, 180 fakie nose manual body varial.


Big ol’ 360 flip catch at the last second.


Jimmy Carlin, frontside half Cab flip.


John Dickson, nollie frontside 180 flip.


David Loy, frontside air.


David Loy, frontside five-0 drop into the smaller quarter.


Big air transfer right into a head on collision.


Justin Figueroa, nollie crook.


Andrew Elliot, pop shove-it five-0.


Andrew Elliot, kickflip frontboad shove-it.

2008 Battle of the Shops at ASR for the first time ever. This was a crazy event that ended strong like always.

Photos: JT Rhoades

I think Jimmy Carlin has really liked receiving a thousand dollar check for 1st place at the last four Automatic Battle of the shops- Halfcab Heelflip

Jimmy once spoke dolphin to me and he can Dolphin flip too.

Andrew Elliot was killing the rail and got 1st place – Kickflip Frontside boardslide shuv-it

In the hectic world of battle of the shops you are always skating with many people in your way. Only the strong survive- fakie 5050

Andrew Pott skated the rail for Nine Star- Big spin flip frontboard

Andrew Pott was killing the rail also-Nollieflip boardslide

Figgy loves him some railage-Nollie Five Oh

A Figgy classic nollie front feeble.

Chris Troy was in the battle on the rail-Hurricane

Marquise Preston did this 3 times- Big spin Boardslide

Kevin Jones AKA Chucky landed a bunch of tricks and surprised me a lot- Front Blunt Shuv-It

Danny Dicola showed up late for his heat but he was killin it in the second heat- ollie up to 5050

Here is what I came out of the Tech Center with, anbody know his name ill give you 10 bucks!