Beck To Release Midnite Vultures And You Can Win It

Christmas seems to roll around often here at–no, it doesn’t have to do with Santa Claus or Grandma getting run over by a raindeer, but in the form of CD promos that somehow seem to arrive on my desktop from various record companies. When the new Beck album arrived a few days ago, I knew that it wouldn’t get traded for sushi money, but rather become a perfect complement to my record collection.

With his keyboard, drum machine, and guitar, singer/songwriter Beck creates music that celebrates the excessive culture of the 90s. Beck’s music is a mixture of hip-hop, folk, experimental rock, psychedelic pop, and rock and roll creating a warped but ear appealing sound. On his latest release, Midnite Vultures, Beck seems to mutate pieces of all previous efforts to put together one of his best and most twisted works to date.

From the Beatlesque “Sexx And Laws” to the guitar-driven “Pressure Zone” (and what appears to be an Artist Formerly Known As Prince-inspired track, “Debra”) Beck’s latest and perhaps greatest seems to grab onto you and won’t let go.

Don’t be a loser, pick up Beck’s latest CD when it’s released on November 23, and check out the official Beck site at for video clips and more information. is also giving away 10 prize packages which consist of a clear vinyl copy of Beck’s latest single, “Sexx Laws” and A full length CD of Becks release “Midnite Vultures” How do I get enter this contest? It’s pretty simple, just be one of the first to e-mail me ( the name of Becks first album, your name and address. The first ten correct answers will get the prize package.