Beginnings – Praise Your Mailbox

Top 11 Reasons The Magazine Will Always Be The Best And Most Constantly Anticipated Form Of Skateboard Media

1. Unlike a video release, you know the thing is going to actually arrive on time.

2. Sequence photography doesn’t require a “Rodney” button (see the TransWorld Awards on page ??)

3. Anybody can buy a domain name and put their picture on the homepage-not just anybody can get the cover of a magazine. And whoever’s at is a perpetrator anyway.

4. There’s no arguing amongst your friends as to what the given trick is-the editors’ are always right. Well, most of the time.

5. Having the latest issue in homeroom wins you the popularity contest-no questions asked (Pssst! Subscribers get the magazine a good ten days before it hits the newsstands).

6. It takes up less space than a laptop, weighs less, will never have to be plugged in ’cause it will never run out of batteries, won’t freeze up, and won’t require headphones because it will emit no sound (give or take a couple “Holy Shits! you might render after checking out Ryan Gallant’s Pro Spotlight, among other things).

7. Asking Koston to sign your arm just wouldn’t be as cool as asking him to sign one of his many TWS covers-unless you plan on getting it permanently tattooed, that is.

8. Plastering your walls with photos ripped straight from the mag requires less effort than hunting down whichever photo from some god-forsaken Web site, only to print out on your dated-ass printer that’s probably out of color ink to boot. And just a little hint: “Web Exclusive” means one of two things: “Not good enough for the mag,” or “We can’t pay you for it.”

9. When flipping through a magazine, you won’t have to contend with those screaming for attention. Leave the “Do you do weed?”, the “Michael Jackson molests self,” and the general sk(h)atred to the message-boards.

10. The magazine is definitive documentation-your VCR can’t eat it and the webmaster can’t take it down in times of controversy. It’s around as long as you want it to be.

11. Somewhere between sex and catching your first 360 flip with your front foot lies the feeling you get when opening the mailbox and discovering a brand new issue of TransWorld waiting inside-especially when you’re immune to public restrooms and you’ve been holding it in all day.

Praise your mailbox, thank your mailman, let it out, take it in. But not for too long, summertime is in full swing, and the only thing on your agenda should be to: Skate, skate, skate-just as fast as you can.-Eric Stricker