2010 Bondi Bowlarama was a big go-off for all the fans of transition skating. Some of the greats were there ripping like Cab, Lester, Grosso, Ngoho and Mountain to name a few. There was a seriously positive buzz in the air, which was a nice change from last year with things getting out of hand and people getting maced in the crowd. If you ever get the chance to make it out there, you won't be disappointed, but make sure to wear your sunscreen!! Here are a few mini highlights from the day.—Mike O’Meally


When two distinguished gentlemen meet, they shake hands. Kids observe—manners will get you EVERYWHERE in this life. Grant Taylor offers the formalities to Greg Hunt. Respect.


Giants and wizards come in all shapes and sizes. The illustrious dynamic duo from Vans, Ms. Robin Fleming and Sir Steven Van Doren.


International dignitaries attended Bowlarama this year, including the infamous incognito—Mohammed Al Robbo.


Stayin' in the shade is key to an enjoyable day and a long prosperous life. Filmers of a superior quality, Greg Hunt and Su Young Choi stay outta the ozone.


A bird's eye view from the bleachers was a great way to see legend Lester Kasai flyin' high.


Wizards in the crowd!


This guy was running bets on the skating and also took the prize for the closest impersonation of Thomas Magnum P.I. in the inaugural facial hair contest sponsored by IGDD. This year's theme after last year's Beard-a-rama, was, you guessed it: Selleck-a-rama. Darren Kahne took top honors (riding for Amnesia Skateboards).


The crowd was hyped—even babies were getting tossed in the air!


Feel the vibrations! Robin and Ryan Wilson share a laugh.


Watch out in the crowd. If you want to act like a chump, this guy has all eyes everywhere!!


After the session it was time to relax and the Ravesi's fishbowl was the bar of choice. No cooler cats than Mr. Hunter Muraira and Mr. Andrew Allen.


In Australia—there are a lot of redheads due to the many Irish, English and Scottish people that settled there hundreds of years ago. Chet Childress fits right in with locals Red Dog and Scott Brown


Man Down! Adul Skoorc takes one for the team and hits the deck.


So much love in this photo! And kids take note of Mr. Hunt's responsible use of sunscreen! “Tryin' to stick around awhile,” says the wise Gabe Morford.


A great day for young and old: Chet Childress, Middzy, Greg Hunt, Andrew Allen, Gilbert Crockett, Andy Henrie, Hunter Muraira, Omar Salazar and Grant Taylor spread the shoe team cross over love on their way to eat fish and chips.


Man down again! Harrison Crookfort drops in the crosswalk.

Check back for more from Australia as the week goes on.