Behind The Scenes of The Daily Habit with Dustin Dollin & Jake Duncombe

 Depending on where you live, or if you’ve got enough loot in your wallet for cable television, your boob tube just might pump out Fuel TV. It’s pretty much the only viable source on television for skate programming, so they’ve got a lot of pros dropping by on the regular. In today’s case, Dustin Dollin and Jake Duncombe headed over to Fuel’s Los Angeles studios for a taping of “The Daily Habit”. Fortunately, Chris Pastras was there to guest host in place of the questionable Pat Parnell—you may remember that Dustin and Dune are old Stereo teammates (check this vid kiddos). As you might expect, Dustin and Jake let loose during the interview, and Pinback played right after as a nice ‘lil bonus. To go even further behind the scenes, click on the slideshow, and watch out for the video coming soon too.—Carleton Curtis

To see the final cut of today’s taping, tune in on Friday 3/7/08 at 6pm PST / 9pm EST. Or just check those local listings.