Belmont Park Am Slam

This was the first contest in the Am Sam series, held under the rollercoaster in Belmont Park, Mission Beach, California. There was a special Pro division with  a $12,000 purse. Forrest Edwards, Sean Conover, Nick Merlino, Jimmy Carlin, Brandon Turner, Taylor Bingaman, Moose, Manny Santiago, Nick Tucker, and more battled it out. Full results below video.

Video by Joe Picciolo

Greg Lutzka  $7500
Moose          $3000
Nick Tucker  $1500

Dolan Stearns  $1000
Tommy Werner  $400
Tim Williams       $300

17 and Over
Peejay Encina
Jason Crower
Chris Brilliant

Dashawn Jordon
Darius Jackson
Lance George

13 and Under
Gage Boyle
Rene Serrano
Koby Dvorak

Music: The Kabbs