Young talent takes to slaughtering one of L.A.’s few weekday spots-in a matter of minutes.

With skateboarding being the major world phenomenon it’s become, cops and security are on high alert and spots are becoming fewer and farther between. In L.A., it might be the worst. The current epicenter of skateboarding draws skateboarders from near and far-looking to make a name for themselves or the complete opposite-just searching for a good, bust-free spot to skate on a weekday. And that’s what brings us to what you’re looking at right now: this already-blown-out-in-every-ad-and-magazine L.A. bump-to-bench.
On any given day, the bump-to-bench, which, in actuality, is a table, draws skateboarders famous, those destined to be, and their fleet of fish-eyed paparazzi. My first time out, I got a few absolutely ridiculous sequences in mere minutes (Furby, Danny, and Sierra). With good tricks and meeting new friends, damn, that was a good day. And the most important part? We didn’t get kicked out. And the second and third day had the same outcome, not a hassle by a single soul.
After looking over all the sequences and studying the situation, I answered a lingering question: Why did I come here every other day? When the spot is bust-free, the kids flock and that’s when sh-t goes down. The level of skateboarding truly escalates when a number of us show up at a single place to enjoy doing what we do-all without the worry of being sabotaged by the men in black. And with that, here are six guys who might very well rule skateboarding in the days to come.

Sierra Fellers
Danny Cerezini
Jose Rojo
Lizard King
Daryl Angel