Last weekend 6 Twenty One Skateshop in Livermore California held an amazing event they called ‘Best of the Bay Skate Tour’ They put on a bus to take kids to some of the best skateparks in the Bay Area (Santa Cruz, Potrero in San Francisco, Granite and Epic in Sacramento). They also invited a bunch of local pros and ams to come hang with the kids. Big thanks to Dave at 6 Twenty One for hosting such an awesome event!

Below are some flicks from the day plus a few sequences

Karl Watson picked me up at 7am to head to 6 Twenty One, Bus was leaving at 8am

Outside 6 Twenty One the skate Moms were ready for a day of peace

Inside 6 Twenty One

Bus Window

Star studded guests included Legends Karl Watson and Ron Allen

Real’s Super Am Jake Donnelly

Antihero and Potrero’s favorite son Ryan ‘Peabody’ McWhirter

Nilton Neves

Trannie of the year 2008 Frank Gerwer

Always broken but still shredding David Gravette

Santa Cruz’s secret weapon Sid Melvin

Junior Cardiel, Taylor Bingaman

Inside the bus

What better way to spend a 2 hour bus ride than by watching Duffel wreck himself

Dave from 6 Twenty One explaining the rules of the day, don’t think he was prepared for the topless woman driver the kids got a prime view of from the bus though!

Karl and the kids at Santa Cruz

Peabody gettin back smithy in the bowl

That is was friends

Karl Watson 5-0 Fakie Santa Cruz

Peabody Frontside Blaster Epic

David Gravette 540 Nosegrab Potrero

David Gravette Ollie Potrero

Nilton Neves Backside Noseblunt Santa Cruz

Ryan Guiso 360 Flip 50-50 Santa Cruz

Sid Melvin FS 270 Boardslide Santa Cruz

Taylor Bingaman Back Smith then Bodyjar