Best Team Nominees: A Closer Look

With the TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards presented by New Era popping off this Thursday, we compiled a closer look at the nominees' 2011 year to give you some insight on why they got the nod from the TransWorld staff (and you, for the New Era Readers' Choice Award). Read on.

Words by Mackenzie Eisenhour

Best Team Nominee: Real

Peter Ramondetta, kickflip. Photo: CHAMI

As mentioned in the Best Video nominee text, Since Day One showcased a Real team about as diverse and talent packed as anything that existed in 2011. You could feasibly split the squad into four and still have enough firepower to rival a number of other companies. Busenitz also won Tampa Pro.

Best Team Nominee: Sk8mafia

Wes Kremer, nosepick. Photo: BLAIR


The Mafia has been steadily picking up top talent since they showcased their up-and-coming recruits in their Am Video back in '10. For 2011, the names Wes Kremer, Kellen James, Jamie Palmore, Javier Sarmiento, and Jimmy Cao alone place the company among the cream of the crop, team-wise.

Best Team Nominee: Expedition

Matt Miller, switch kickflip. Photo: BLABAC

First and foremost, anybody that is a student of skateboarding should have taken a class from Enrique Lorenzo's Bits & Pieces. Add Joey Pepper's Madness Remix from early 2011, Matt Miller, Rob Welsh, Kenny Hoyle (who graced our January 2011 cover), Spencer Hamilton and Taylor McClung's intro part and you've got yourself a Best Team nominee.

The winners will be announced this Thursday in Hollywood, California. Follow us @transworldskate on Twitter/Instagram for up-to-the-minute news and photos.