With the TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards presented by New Era popping off this Thursday, we compiled a closer look at the nominees' 2011 year to give you some insight on why they got the nod from the TransWorld staff (and you, for the New Era Readers' Choice Award). Read on.

Words by Mackenzie Eisenhour

Best Transition Nominee: Raven Tershy

Backside lipslide. Photo: MULLER


Anybody that witnessed the fakie nosegrind he did en route to winning the Copenhagen Pro massive bowl contest this summer either firsthand or on the multiple viral video clips will have little trouble understanding why Raven is nominated for Best Transition. His gold medal win at X Games 17 only adds to his 2011 legacy.

Best Transition Nominee: Grant Taylor

Wallie tuck knee transfer down the chute. Photo: FLYNN


As argued back in 2010, when Grant won Best Transition and Best Video Part at the 12th Annual Awards for his part in Debacle, Grant skates like a turbocharged 1990 hybrid of Wade Speyer, Alan Petersen, John Cardiel, and Julien Stranger rolled into one, and his curtains part in SB Chronicles Vol. 1 only further validates that claim. Will he win again in 2011?

Best Transition Nominee: Alex Perelson

Frontside invert. Photo: MORFORD


Skateboarding has gone full circle when a traditional vert part becomes the breath of fresh air and ledge/handrail parts become the norm. But Alex Perelson's part in Since Day One felt like just that. His first-ever tailgrab 900 this past June, however, is another story altogether. Damn.

The winners will be announced tomrrow night in Hollywood, California. Follow us @transworldskate on Twitter/Instagram for up-to-the-minute news and photos.