With the TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards presented by New Era just around the corner, we compiled a closer look at the nominees' 2011 year to give you some insight on why they got the nod from the TransWorld staff (and you, for the New Era Readers' Choice Award). Read on.

Words by Mackenzie Eisenhour

Best Video Nominee: The Sk8mafia Video

Larelle Gray, switch ollie. Photo: SHIGEO

The homey vibe and crew originally born and nurtured in SD by Peter Smolik, Dan Connelly, and Brandon Turner has blossomed into a full-fledged worldwide movement within skateboarding. And 2011's culmination of that vibe in The Sk8mafia Video—and all its talents—will not be quickly forgotten.

Best Video Nominee: SB Chronicles Vol. 1

Wieger Van Wageningen, ollie up to backside tailslide. Photo: TRINH

Nike Skateboarding's first installment in their 2011-announced video-a-year trilogy, Volume 1, also showcased a wide range of terrain and skate styles from Youness Amrani's mannys into back Smiths on handrails and Wieger's mind-numbing heelflip combos to the aforementioned ATV assault butchery from Grant Taylor. Add the Jason Hernandez-filmed and -edited production quality, and you've got a clear nominee for best video.

Best Video Nominee: Since Day One

Chima Ferguson, ollie. Photo: O'MEALLY

Since their last full video in 2005, Real had added a boatload of highly rated newcomers from Chima to James Hardy and Ishod Wair to Davis Torgerson. Mixed in with standout parts from longtime stalwarts from Busenitz and Ramondetta to Justin Brock and Max Schaff, Since Day One—produced by veteran filmer Dan Wolfe—truly had something for everybody.

The winners will be announced February 16, 2012 in Hollywood, California. Follow us @transworldskate on Twitter/Instagram for up-to-the-minute news and photos.