Billy recollects his run-in with the The Man on the way to the Chino skatepark. Sequences below.

Photos by Seu Trinh

“Me and my friend were on our way to the Chino skatepark and listening to some music inside our car and a cop, who was two streets over, pulled us over and started yelling and going crazy on us 'cause the music was so loud. He was like, ‘Where the hell you guys going?’ So we tell him we're going to the park and he's like, ‘You guys got helmets and pads?’ And we're like, ‘No, we didn't know you needed them.’

So my friend randomly says, ‘Oh, he's professional,’ pointing at me. Then the cops says, ‘Oh really? So if I looked you up right now, I'd find you?’ So, he checks Google on his phone sees a picture of me and is like, ‘No sh-t?! Well, all right, you guys go skate the park then—don't worry about it.’ And then we pull into the park and he pulls in behind us and asks us, ‘Hey, do you guys want to see something funny?’ He throws the sirens on and all the kids clear out the park and we just start laughing. Then he pulls up to us and says, ‘All right, go ahead. It's all you, guys.'”