Billy Marks Online Exclusive Interview

Interview by Blair Alley and Brian Young

Who’s the best poker player in skateboarding?

That’s a hard one. I’ll say from my personal experience Mike Frazier.

Did he take you down in Tampa?

Yeah. I can’t really say Brian Young.

Brian Young: I’m pretty bad.

What’s the biggest mistake people make when they play Texas Hold ‘Em?

Not knowing when to bluff. They’ll bluff when you’ve got the best cards, and they don’t even know.

At a couple of recent best trick contests, I’ve noticed you and Terell go head-to-head on the same tricks. Was the Make-A-Wish in Houston the first time you started doing that?

I think so. It’s nothing serious. I think he gets bummed that I learn his tricks.

Yeah, I saw the 360 flip boardslide in Tampa.

Yeah, but he took care of the kickflip front lip at Make-A-Wish.

BY: Start bettin’.

I should, but he doesn’t bet me. No one will bet me.

When did you learn the 360 flip boardslide?

At the Tampa contest.

That was the first one you ever made?

That was the first time I ever tried it.

How many tries did it take you?

I don’t know, less than ten.

BY: How come you haven’t sold that couch?

No one’s gonna buy that f—kin’ couch.

BY: What’s on it?

Cat pee and human pee, throw up, plus The Grimes slept on it.

What’s the worst treatment you’ve gotten by the cops?

We were in some sketchy Florida city and Mike Sinclair got arrested for abating an officer. We were just checking out a spot and as we were leaving a cop started yelling at us. Then like nine cop cars came to pull over two vans.

BY: Who’s the craziest skater you know?

Like how, mentally?

BY: Mentally.

I’ll say Billy Rohan. In Tampa he was selling his clothes.

Exactly how many Billy Marks signature items are on the market right now?

Toy Machine boards, pants from Split, shoes coming pretty soon from Fallen, Thunder Trucks.

Did you get a pro wheel from Spitfire yet?

I had one and I don’t know what happened. I think we’re doing a wheel soon, too. Oh, I got T-shirts from Split, too. And long sleeve button-downs too, and beanies and dice.

Three dice for cee-lo or five dice for threes?

Five dice.

What’s your favorite dice game?


BY: What happens on the first day of tour with cee-lo?

It depends.

BY: What about with Anthony Shetler.

Oh, I come up. 300 bucks before we even got in the van.

How much were you betting per roll?

A hundred.

What’s the most you’ve ever bet on a trick?

I don’t know, I know I bet with Jamie Thomas a bunch.

Who else is a crazy gambler?

Tommy Sandoval doesn’t give a f—k. With cee-lo—he’ll bet whatever—other people’s money, money he doesn’t have.

(Jamie Thomas drives up on his Harley)

You got a question for Billy?

Jamie Thomas: Why are you so sketchy?

I don’t know, I’m from Corona, it’s a sketchy place.

JT: You make it sketchy. It’s sketchy now ’cause you’re on the streets.

Do you have a motorcycle yet?

Not yet. Soon.

BY: You need to get another Ace tattooed on your other arm so you have a pocket pair.


Carter Gibbs: What changes have happened at Split since you’ve been there?

Brian Young and Carter Gibbs. Johnny Layton, Terell, and Pat Rakestraw are new. There’s a lotta good stuff coming out.

How is a Billy Marks T-shirt better than a regular T-shirt?

Because I designed it. It has the logo and that’s all you need. It’s slim fit, soft. We have full creative control of the ads. It’s just better all around. We don’t have a rollerblader for a team manager.

BY: What’s the new Billy trick coming out this year?

3-flip feeble.

Now that you said that, Terell might beat you to it.

BY: I’m gonna pay BBilly about 300 bucks to do it first. But it’s gotta be at least usable for the Fallen video.

300 dollars, that’s it?

BY: 300 dollars plus 50 dollars for every stair over nine.

No. Every stair over six.

BY: Alright, deal. But it’s gotta be clean, none of this hand or toe dragging stuff.