Birdhouse’s Halloween At Pitcrew

The Birdhouse Team spent about 2 hours at THE PARTY STORE in Frederick, Maryland to sort out some epic Halloween outfits. Figgy didn’t fit in the Spiderman outfit so he had to be a cow. There were some funny outfits including Willy Santos as med-evil warrior, Priest Brian Sumner, Badman John Dickson, Pimp Derek Burdette, Randy Ploesser with his bone outfit, Pirate Shaun Gregoire and prisoners Matt Ball and Nate Lacoste. Doctor Steve Nesser landed some huge kickflips, wallie manuals and switch wallie manuals while Sean ‘Freddy Krueger’ Eaton was on fire with heelflip wallrides and bs noseblunts down the rail. Good skating went down, followed by the new Birdhouse video on a massive screen inside the skatepark. Thanks to Tim, Malcolm, Rodney and the rest of the Pitcrew for setting this event up!

There are still 4 more stops left on the Birdhouse The Beginning Tour, including Willoughby, Chicago and Minneapolis. For more details check:

Attached photos by Lance Dalgart, Michael Leong and Floris Gierman.