Birdhouse’s The Beginning Premiere In Kentucky

Ollie’s demo & video premiere

The team made it to Kentucky and met up with Tony Hawk, Kevin Staab, Jean Postec, Alan Young and 1,500 fans at Ollie’s Skatepark. When everyone arrived at the park the place was totally packed. The night began with the street demo, which was then followed by a heated session in the vert ramp. During the street demo everyone ripped, including Tony. In the ramp Hawk did a massive fakie 720 that lifted the roof and got the crowd psyched. Sean Eaton and Jon Dickson did some sketchy double b/s smith routines in the mini ramp and Alan Young, Kevin Staab and Jean Postec unleashed the skate beast in the vert ramp with some high flying areal maneuvers.

For those of you who weren’t able to get Tony’s autograph during the signing, no worries because you can get it at

Big thanks to Bob and the entire Ollie’s staff for making our visit so memorable. Stay up on The Beginning premiere tour at