Birdhouse’s The Beginning Premiere

Hollywood Boulevard outside of Cinespace was packed early in anticipation of the new Birdhouse video, The Beginning. The police were a little nervous, but all the kids got in before the video started—about an hour behind schedule, but who’s keeping track. Guys like Steve Nesser brought in grown up fans like Steve Berra, Alex Klein, and Clint Peterson, while the youngsters like Figgy, David Loy, and Riley Hawk had the place packed to the gills with micro-fans and their parents. There was a great vibe flowing and free drinks. T. Hawk and Per Welinder got on stage to introduce the video and then the crowd was treated to part after part of ripping to a nice soundtrack. Everyone was hyped—the Birdhouse team is huge! After the video, the Cold War Kids played a set and people slowly moved on to other parties despite the heavy rain that is all too rare in L.A. Cheers, Birdhouse! Catch a premiere in your town!

Check the slideshow for all the pics!