Black Label’s Back In Black Premiere

This video, as with many skate video premieres, had two showings—7 PM and 9 PM. The 9:00 PM show is the industry/cool guy/pro showing. And don’t get me wrong, I usually go to the later showing because I’m like an industry cool guy these days. But I had plans to go see Chris Cote’s rad band Years Around The Sun later that night down at the Casbah, so I went to the early showing—what I like to call the “Roat Showing.” It was great! Tons of young kids, psyched out of their minds to be at a video premiere. Rookie little drinkers buzzed off two beers, pestering me to go buy them more, and hell, I was glad to do it! Made me feel like a kid again, too.

Now the downfall is that none of the actual team riders were there to snap photos of, except of course the underagers Chris Troy and Anthony Schultz. So that’s what you’re getting here. But I’ll tell you a little about the video. I think it’s the best Label video yet. The music and editing are what you’d expect, similar to past Label videos, but the skating really shines. These dudes went all out. I can’t really name names as far as stand outs because every part is really good. Go check it out for yourself, it’s Black Label for God’s sake!


Rodney Johnson went to the 9 PM showing and got photos of honest-to-God pros! Check em out in the slideshow!