For the second year in a row, the TransWorld SKATEboarding Team Challenge at Dew Tour tasked nine teams to choose four riders to skate the four different disciplines on the newly evolved, four-piece DT course. And for the second year in a row, the Blind Skateboards team came out on top!

TJ Rogers flips in and out of the hardest shit. It’s a no-brainer that he killed the tech section for a second year in a row. Nollie flip crook. Photo: Durso

With Yuto Horigame replacing Cody McEntire and competing in Gaps, Micky Papa skating the rails Rails, TJ Rogers flipping in and out of ever trick in the Tech zone and Trey Wood once again in the Bowl, the arguable underdogs were buttoned up and on point with all of their tricks and runs.

Trust us—Japan’s Yuto Horigome will be a household name before you guys even know it! Photo: Durso

At the end of the day—contest or not—it’s all just skateboarding, but the camaraderie of the Blind crew has given them the advantage to thrive in a contest format like the Team Challenge two years in a row.

Micky Papa is no stranger to Dew Tour or the Team Challenge and it always shows. First try kickflip crook during his run. Photo: Durso

Tomorrow is the last day of Dew Tour 2017. Get up here, check the booths, win some free shit and enjoy the skateboarding! And don’t forget that it’s FREE! Check Sunday’s schedule to see what’s going down.

Trey Wood seems to get better each time we see him. He’s got the technical tricks and isn’t afraid to blast. Photo: Durso

Blind’s Team Challenge Recap Video: