Bling Fest 2007

Wow, the Bling Fest. So much going on, where do I begin? The weather was perfect this year in beautiful Rancho Cucamonga, California. Thousands of kids came out to see the pros rip, watch bands including Angels & Airwaves, and get tons of free sh-t! Why weren’t you there? You could’ve met Active Erica in person too. Anywho, the ripping was nonstop as you can see from the video and slideshow attached to the left. Adam Dyet won the KR3W best trick contest with his nollie back biggie heel to back lip. He won Tampa with that one too. Amazing. Billy Marks was the overall winner for the day since he ripped on all four obstacles. There were a lot of ams that rushed the course and tore it up: David Loy, Slash, Danny Cerezini, Deathwish, etc. So I imagine we’ll see all their faces again today at the Active Am--which is free by the way so you ought to head out here. And Jamie Thomas was wearing a DGK shirt all day--weird, huh? Maybe he lost a bet. So check the vid and slideshow, we’re off to peep the Active Am today. David Loy repeat? Stay tuned.