BLVD., the new board company from Danny Montoya and Rob G with ams Nate Fantasia and Jose Pereyra.

Syndrome Distribution, in collaboration with Rob Gonzalez and Danny Montoya, is proud to introduce BOULEVARD SKATEBOARDS. BLVD Skateboards will feature high quality skateboard decks, wheels and apparel heavily influenced by street skating and it's lifestyle. Pro skaters Rob G and Montoya are the original creators of the core skate brand Listen. Listen skateboards was a street driven brand that held true to what skateboarding is all about. Those values and principles are carried over into the newly developed BLVD Skateboards.

"I'm really excited to be a part of this new venture with BLVD Skateboards. Syndrome's strong commitment to skateboarding is proven and its great to be in a building that shares our vision and goals."Rob Gonzalez, BLVD

"I'm stoked to be involved with a core brand like BLVD Skateboards. It's nice to team up with elite pro skaters like Montoya and Rob G who understand skateboarding on a street level. BLVD presents a personal style and feel that a lot of brands don't have, it's going to make a great addition to our family of brands. I'm looking forward to helping BLVD grow and reach it's maximum potential!"—Mark Wiehl VP of Marketing, Syndrome

"It feels good to team up with people who have been working in skateboarding since the 80's. I'm looking forward to doing something new with people who are as dedicated to skateboarding as much as we are. The crew of skaters that we have built strong relations with will shine through with Boulevard."—Danny Montoya, BLVD

"We're stoked to be involved with some hard working guys like Rob and Danny. We're confident that their work ethic is going to come through in the products and image of BLVD."—Rob Mertz – President, Syndrome

"The partnership between Syndrome, Toya and Gee to create BLVD is a perfect fit. I am so stoked to get this new fresh brand going with guys that have the same motivations and drive."—Jason Maxwell – Team/Marketing Director, Syndrome

BLVD products will be in skateshops in early August.
Go to BLVDSKATEBOARDS.COM to see products, team info, photos, videos and more!
Visit BLVD Skateboards at Crossroads – August 13-14.