Bob K’s Pool Party

Words and photos by Eric Stricker

When you have a name like “Bob” you can do pretty much whatever the hell you want. It’s a name that reeks of leisure and a general care-free attitude that only those named “Bob” can actually attest to. In a great attempt to share that feet-kicked-up lifestyle, our friend Bob K. hosted a going away party for himself this past Friday, but more for the rest of us who have never lived life as a “Bob”. It wasn’t just Bob’s first pool party, but his first party he’s hosted ever, so Bob was a little worried about people not showing up. But much to Bob’s delight, west L.A. was a convenient stop-off for those of us that were lucky enough to ditch out of work early on a Friday afternoon.

At this time, Bob has now vacated the States and he’s unloading his belongings out of the Penske truck and into his new place in Vancouver. Southern California will miss Bob, but will always remember and try to re-create the general feeling of surrounding oneself with Bob. Thanks again for the hospitality, Bob. And good luck in Vancouver, buddy.

Bob K. Brain Floss coming in the December issue!