Bones wheels did a demo in Toronto, Canada last week, although weather prevented the team from skating most of the park, they did manage to get a session in on the parks ten-stair,
“Throughout their U.S. and Canada tours, the Bones wheels team has started stockpiling wheels to help  jumpstart their program Get on Board. Kids who showed up to the demos were able to trade in their old wheels for a fresh set of Bones, a tradition started this year to help bring skateboarding to kids all around the world. The wheels, decks and other goodies collected will be routinely distributed to less fortunate kids all over the world. The goal of Get on Board  is ultimately to give kids a chance to skate and for skateboarding a chance to give back.”—Jared Lucas, Bones TM

Photos by Dave Chami


Andrew Langi, hardflip.


Jared Lucas.


TJ Rogers, switch bigspin.


Kids were hyped.


Sierra Fellers, nollie heelflip.


Puttin’ on those new wheels.


Jake Duncombe, nollie backside bigspin heelflip.


Big Jim only rides STF.


Langi, 360 pop shove-it.


Even the skate moms were getting involved.


JS, kickflip lipslide.


Good on ya Bones!