The two-part Bowl A Rama series wrapped up in New Zealand and Australia last week. Here’s the first event that took place in Wellington, NZ. After all was said and done Benji Galloway took the Pro division and Nicky Guerrero topped the Masters division. Here’s a photo gallery at the World Cup Skateboarding site. Stay tuned for video and photos from the Bondi Beach blowout in Sydney, Australia.

Pro division

1. Benji Galloway

2. Ross McGouran

3. Tim Johnson

4. Otavio Neto

5. Jimmy “Greek” Marcus

6. Corbin Harris

7. Colin Provost

8. Chris Senn

9. Sergie Ventura

10. Daniel Cardone

Master’s division

1. Nicky Guerrero

2. Pat Ngoho

3.  Jason Parks

4. Sasha Steinhorst

5. Mike Rogers