Brain Floss: Blair Rusin

Born in upstate New York, and living in places like California, Hawai’i, and Italy (where he studied art), Blair Rusin has lived a life that you’d expect would form an artist out of a person. Skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding have been a part of his life since he could walk and are obvious inspirations in his work. He became a commissioned portrait artist at the age of sixteen, and his work has since expanded into mural painting, graphic design, and architectural rendering, among other things.

Like many artists, Rusin is eccentric, full of energy, and often hilarious. He’s always fun to hang out with. He’s done graphics for snowboard, skateboard, and surfboard companies, but he’s also been commissioned to do pieces on the sides of buildings and on the walls of nightclubs’ dancefloors. Some of his clients include Burton Snowboards, S-one insoles, Onboard Magazine, TransWorld Snowboarding Magazine, Volcom, Arnette, Reef, Emerald City Productions, and MTV.

In his free time, you can catch Rusin hiking, biking, meditating, climbing, surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, yoga, dancing, volleyball, golfing, etc. Dude has a limitless amount of spark and creativity.

Be sure to check out his Web site for more work,