Brain Floss – Will Lemon

Will Lemon is a talented young man from Northern California who lives and works in NYC. Not only does he have his own design-based clothing line, William Vernon Lemon III, he works with fabric as an art. By stitching and sewing pieces of cloth together that have been silk-screened with 60s and 70s patterns and designs, he creates an image reminiscent of a scenic painting. He employs this method in his clothing design as well.

Will uses more than just fabric creations to display his artistic side. He also likes to work with one of the most difficult methods of producing a reprintable image—block printing. His block prints are carved in image-reverse and have a distinctive style—you can always tell a Will Lemon block print. Another art form Will is exceptionally skilled at is cooking. His knowledge of food and cooking abilities are on par with any experienced NYC chef. Lastly, Will's video works are comedic genius. His brand of freestyle humor will have you questioning whether or not he's from this planet.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled—if you haven't experienced one of Will's artistic outlets already, hopefully you'll have a chance in the future.—Bobby Puleo