Brandon Biebel Subtleties Interview

Fresh off a UK tour with his Girl teammates, Brandon Biebel took a couple minutes out of his day to answer some questions. He’s a busy man.

How was filming for the video?
It was cool, man, it was real cool. I like filming with Dario (Rezk) and Jason (Hernandez).
How long did you film for?
About seven months, something like that.
Were you originally supposed to share a part with Stefan (Janoski)?
I don’t know, someone talked about it. There were so many different ideas.
How’d you end up sharing a part with Wenning?
I just had the footage that I had. I hurt my ankle and I couldn’t skate for a few months. It just came down to the wire—I wanted him in my part, that’s my boy.
Where’d you film most of your part?
We skated Pier 7 a lot. We took it from San Francisco to Sacramento and that’s it.
Was it pretty stress-free keeping it close to home?
Yeah, it’s chill. I don’t like going anywhere anyway. I just like sticking around Sacramento and San Francisco.
How’d you like how the video turned out?
Oh, it’s hot. Those dudes did a good job making it. There’s a lot of good skating in there. I was psyched on how it came out.
Did you edit any of your part?
Hell no, they (Jon Holland, Jason Hernandez) did all that stuff. I just skated and went to the video premiere.
Did you have fun at the premiere?
Yeah, it was a good time.
What’s up with the Pistons and the Lakers?
That doesn’t have anything to do with me. My team’s eliminated—I’m just watching it. I got no comment. What else you got for me?
You wanna talk about basketball or are you over it?
Nah, maybe next year.
That’s all I got for you.
You think that’ll work?
Yeah, I think so.
How does it feel to have a part in a TransWorld video?
I’m psyched man, I’m real psyched. I always liked TransWorld videos and the people that have parts in them. And the way they make the videos—they look hot man. I’m just psyched to have my chance to get in there.

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