For a first-timer to the Autumn Bowl, I was pretty hyped. Tucked away in an old warehouse on the water’s edge in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, this place was hot and steamy as hell, but free Asahis and a friendly vibe kept everyone in a proper New York mood. They even had cute girls walking around handing out free vodka shots! I immediately saw a grip of familiar faces: Dan Pensyl, Adam Crew, Brent Athcley, Scott Koerner (DaKine TM), John “The Man” Reeves, Conor Fey, Steve Rodriguez, Pat Smith, Andrew Langi, and more. The session was going nuts, and the bands on the deck kept the intensity high with blaring metal and punk. Some wasted broad even spilled beer on my camera! No worries, there were so many photogs in the building that any slightly slow exposure would pick up about six other flashes. The resulting photos are pretty cool. Thanks to Chopper Dave, Prize Fighter Cutlery, Dakine, and Brent Atchley for putting this on. Hopefully they’ll throw another one next year.—Blair Alley


1. Kyle Berard—$800

2. Andrew Langi—$500

3. Dan Carriero—$300

Photos by Blair Alley and Chris Martin

Here’s some footage of the event to get an idea of the chaos.