Brooklyn Banks Update

I had another meeting with the city today on site and progress is happening. Confirmed that the small banks will be completely unskateable (pictures 1 and 2), confirmed that the big banks will be 60-percent skateable, as opposed to 30-percent that used to be skateable. They removed some planters that were sort of in the way and replaced with smooth bricks. The removal of benches along the bottom of 20-percent of the big banks will make for more skateable banks and obstacles such as a new pillar to wallride (picture 4) and more possibilities for lines. The 9 up top will still be skateable with a smoother runway and landing and the big rail (13 steps Jamie Thomas grinded) will be replaced(picture 9). They have approved the installation of an 18-foot flatbar in a flat well spaced out area and the best thing is that they will keep the slabs that made up the removed granite planters(best material) and allow me to stack them 3 high around the areas of the big banks like skateable benches (picture 7). I’m kind of amazed that this is actually happening. If all goes as planned it will be amazing. It just takes constant nagging to make sure it is done right, they already put in benches at the bottom of one section that were supposed to be bench free and now have to be removed (picture 8).—Steve Rodriguez