After hearing we were ditching our old building in Oceanside and moving into a new office in Carlsbad (where we happily sit and skate now), Jeff King from Fuel TV’s Built To Shred approached us about filming an episode for BTS Season 2 inside our historic work space once we moved out. Since we were just as eager to get out as he was to get in, the master ramp craftsman himself, along with filming crew, came down for some office space demolition, building ceiling drop ins, dupster hips, cabinet banks, car door wallrides, and anything else inside they could breathe life into again for the sake of skateboarding.

The episode premiere yesterday, and here’s the behind the scenes. Check Fuel TV for air times or wait and see if they post it up on their site. Photos by Joe Picciolo


Danny Scher, loft gap to filing cabinet 50-50.

Hallway turned runway.

Anthony Schultz, bank to box empty warehouse ollie.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Asian John, crail over the dumpster hip.

Japan in Oceanside.

Searching for anything shreddable.

Our China ledge that we took with us to the new building, a dumpster, an empty warehouse, and a front board.

Jeff King in the early stages of his dumpster hip.

A frontside 270 over the finished shredable product.

Thomas Eukovich aka The Viking catches a frontside heel over the hip in what used to be our parking lot.

This is what you call making something outta nothing.

Even the manakin’s psyched.

Never leave a manakin behind.

Our temporary TWS resident Neil Heddings.

Neal Mims going for the loft ollie.

I still have no idea where this chair lift thing at our old office came from, but Jeff sees some skate potential in it.

Tom Grom frontside pivots on a car door.

The episode ender—Ben Raybourne with a tin can ceiling roll in to staircase ollie into a steeply crafted bank. Wow. photo: Mecaro